About Me

A resident of Champaign for almost 13 years, I have a 7th-grader at Edison Middle School and a 2nd-grader at Dr. Howard Elementary School. I also have a passionate commitment to public education and a healthy sense of humor.

My teaching experience and non-profit financial experience are both relevant to school board service. I taught undergraduate courses in music and writing at Carleton College (MN), Cornell University, and Harvard University, where I also mentored novice teaching assistants. As the Communications and Finance Manager of the non-profit International Honors Program (an undergraduate study-abroad program based in Boston), I managed the program's $1.5+ million annual budget, coordinated employee benefits, and worked with the Executive Director on program insurance and risk management. My liberal arts education (I have a Masters degree in Music History from Cornell University) did not train me in accounting or law, but helped me learn to ask the right questions and to evaluate the answers.

As a member of the board, I will work to promote a culture of openness and accountability by making more information accessible to those who wish to understand the context for the board's decisions. I plan not only to reach out to members of the general public but also to make sure that they know how to reach me. Active engagement means not just providing information, but also encouraging, soliciting, and facilitating input.

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